20 Hyper realistic drawings by Marcello Barenghi

Marcello Barenghi is an Italian artist and graphics designer whose drawings are incredibly realistic that on first glance one might think they are photos. His works are so accurate and that millions of people watch him draw every day on his own YouTube channel. Have a quick look at this life like photos and find out how he creates such incredible works.

Brazuca ball drawing by Marcello Barenghi

At first glance it is really hard to tell whether this Brazuca ball or the bag of chips is a drawing or a real photo. Marcello Barenghi records his drawing with a camera which  takes about 3 hours to complete one of his drawings and later edits them to about 3 minute long with a computer and posts them on his on YouTube channel which has now a million subscribers. His videos  receives a lot of views from thousands to even millions.

Le figaro drawing by Marcello Barenghi

‘There is no special technique, the style is called hyper realism, you just have to try and depict the object as accurate as possible in the end it becomes an object on itself.’ says Marcello Barenghi on an interview on Euromaxx.

Pizza drawing by Marcello Barenghi


Morosha spring bottle drawing by Marcello Barenghi


Barenghi uses photos or the object itself which he acquires from anywhere. It can be from a supermarket or inside a kitchen, whatever he likes, he draws.

Coca-cola can drawing by Marcello Barenghi


He begins off with a sketch or outline of the object then starts ‘putting life’ into the drawing. Mostly in his videos he starts off with watercolors, goes to markers and colored pencils, uses acrylics for adding shiny white effects and later adds shadows using an airbrush which makes them look like 3D objects.

Lady bird drawing by Marcello Barenghi

By the precise use of light and shadows, he creates this realistic drawings by using various markers, colored pencils and markers. This helps create contrast and also bring out the white shiny effect on his drawings.

Fried eggs drawing by Marcello Barenghi

In his drawings, Marcello uses White gel pens, white acrylics, markers, airbrush,gray toned papers, graphite, erasers, stamps and watercolors.

Monster energy can drawing by Marcello Barenghi

Marcello in the Euromaxx interview says he never expected this since in the past people told him that his illustrations weren’t that good. They even some advising him to give up drawing and painting, but suddenly there are people all over the world who loves his works

Mars chocolate bar drawing by Marcello Barenghi

10 Euro note drawing by Marcello Barenghi

Make sure to watch him draw on his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/marcellobarenghi/videos and his official store http://www.marcellobarenghi.com/ where you can find his latest drawings and prints for sale.

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