5 Amazing colored pencil drawings by Moses Sabayi

Moses Sabayi is a 20 year old Kenyan Artist, painter and YouTuber who creates beautiful realistic drawings and paintings that he shares them on his own YouTube channel. By application of  light and shadows,he creates realistic drawings with high contrast which he achieves that by mixing colored pencils with marker pens or sometimes acrylic paints. Links to the videos of the drawings listed are after each posts.

1. Realistic Green Iris drawing – Moses Sabayi

This stunning Green iris took him about six hours to create. Apart from using just green colored pencils, he also blended them with green marker pens and acrylic white paint for the white part to achieve high contrast.

2. Harry Potter drawing – Moses Sabayi

From the movie Harry Potter, the artist draws Daniel Radcliffe and one my think it is a photo. He is also able to achieve great realism and high contrast by  applying the concept of  light and shadows which he achieves that by mixing colored pencils with marker pens or sometimes acrylic paints.

3. Realistic drawing of a Heart – Moses Sabayi

The artist also has a stunning portfolio of hyper realistic parts of the human body, this heart included and several other organs like the brain and the eyes. The white highlights he achieved it by using white acrylic paint to bring out the realism

4. Drawing of LeBron James- Moses Sabayi

He even went ahead to draw his favorite basketball star ‘king James’. In this drawing according to the video on YouTube he used strictly colored pencils. His blending techniques and how he plays a long with colors is so fun to watch.

5. Will Smith drawing – Moses Sabayi

He creates a stunning drawing of Suicide Squad’s movie star Will Smith.Blending dark skin tones with colored pencils is not a problem which is quite a headache to some artists.

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