Man by the window drawing

man at the window
I was listening to one of Michael Jackson’s songs stranger in Moscow ( i know it’s a very old song ) and came across this part of the video, of which my first impression was that the man was experiencing nostalgia. Since he was in a sombre mood on a rainy day, whereby we are gloomy and thoughtful, my mind drifted back to old memories right from childhood where it all started and wished that there was a way that we could know that we are in a good old day before it’s over. But the good part about it is that we all have the good old days no matter our age because after all, everyone wishes for it. This made me feel so excited and so i decided to express my situation on my drawing book. I loved it, and, it was in fact one of my best drawings and if any time i’d go back to my memories, i’ll simply take out this drawing and start a nice journey.

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